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Adoptions International, Inc.

Adoptions International, Inc.
We are a Texas licensed, 501(c)3 non-profit, Hague Accredited, adoption child-placing agency located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.   We have placed over 1200 children into loving homes since our inception in 1995.   Adoptions International, Inc. was founded by an adoption attorney, Jody Hall, who has been a leader in the adoption industry for the past 22 years.   Jody is an expert in all immigration and legal aspects of the international adoption process, and is actively involved in each and every adoption case we handle. 
We work with US families living here and abroad:
Adoptions International, Inc. works with American families from all 50 states, as well as U.S. citizens living abroad. 


We can also help families who are adopting from their homeland: Adoptions International, Inc. can act as Primary Provider in most cases where families are adopting relatives and non-relatives from their homeland.


Cost and Timeframes are important to us: 
We understand what a HUGE financial strain adoption can be on each family and our goal is to help all families adopt with the least amount of stress and cost.   Don't forget about the Adoption Tax Credit!   Also, we know that most families want their children to come home as quickly as possible, and each of our programs are designed to help facilitate the process to that end.    We can usually have your child back in your home within 12-18 months, but time frames are controlled by the officials in the foreign countries that we work with. 
Small, Ethical, and Transparent Agency:
Adoptions International, Inc. is a small agency who knows each family we work with, and makes lifelong friends while we are in the adoption process together.   So, if you are wanting to work with a large agency where you are Family #245 on the long list, wait over a year for a referral and never speak to the same person twice, we are not for you.   We are for the family that wants an agency that is committed to provide individual, ethical, professional and transparent adoptions for each and every family. 
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Building Families..... One Child at a Time