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Adopt Share
A Christian ministry offering assistance with expenses involved in adoption.

Bright Futures Foundation
Offers small grants
Contact Jill Tate (Executive Director)
E-mail:  or

Children of the World
27 E. Hillvale Rd.
Syosset, NY  11791

Donations from Church's and Community Groups
Families have sought out financial help from community organizations and local churches.  Please contact your local church or town hall for such references.

Employee Adoption Assistance Benefit Programs
Please check with your employer to see if these benefits apply.  If they do not provide this service, please contact the National Adoption Center (800) 862-3678.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry
Offering Grants and Loans
Call (209) 572-4539 for more information
God's Grace Adoption Ministry
PO Box 4
Modesto, CA  95353

Ibsen Adoption Network
(Washington State residents only)
Meets quarterly to select applications for small grants of $1000 for waiting children.
Contact person:  Marilyn Bribane
Ibsen Adoption Network
2730 French Road NW
Olympia, WA  98502
(360) 866-7036  Fax: (360) 866-7509

International Adoption Assistance Foundation, Inc.
6420 Tokeneak Trail
Mobile, Alabama  36695-2940
Contact:  Donald L. Parker or Linda J. Bushy - Directors
(334) 633-4300

JSW Adoption Foundation
Grants of $2000 or more awarded quarterly on the basis of need.  Preference given to childless couples with an income under $35,000.  One grant awarded quarterly.  Average grant amount is $3000, but can go as high as $5000.
Contact person:  Gene Wyka
(414) 268-1386 for application

National Adoption Foundation
Call for more info - (203) 791-3811
The National Adoption Foundation
100 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT  06811
(203) 791-3811 for Grants


A Child Waits
Loans for international adoption (7% interest)
(914) 962-0886
The National Adoption Foundation Loan Program offers fixed-rate MBNA HOme Equity Loans.

The National Adoption Foundation
           (203)  791-3811 - grants
           (800)  626-2760 - unsecured loans
           (800)  841-1982 - secured loans

First Union Bank:  888-314-5437

HFLA - Hebrew Free Loan Association
Interest free loans are available to Jewish adults who wish to adopt children internationally or domestically.

The National Endowment for Financial Education publishes a booklet:  "How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option". 
This is free and can be ordered by calling 719-948-4000,      request item #602-E.

Military Adoption Reimbursement Program
The military offers up to $2,000 in financial aid to active
members who are adopting one child, and $5000 for siblings.

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Many employers have adoption benefits.  Be sure to ask your 
employer about it.  If they do not, you can get information 
from the Dave Thomas Foundation to give to your employer.
(614) 764-3009

Adoptions Tax Credit
There is a $5,000 tax credit for some families - for tax year 2001.  In 2002, that amount will raise to $10,000 - 
      check with your CPA or accountant

The DOMOI Foundation
The DOMOI Foundation promotes international adoptions, primarily from Russia and Eastern European countries by providing interest-free loans and financial assistance to adults ready and committed to adopt children from orphanages in Russia and Eastern Europe.
The DOMOI Foundation (Shayna Billings, Exe.Dir.)
1915 Polk Curt
Mountain View, CA  94040
(650) 969-1980

Capital One
Offering a credit card with a limit up to $20,000 at a fixed rate of 9.9% over the long term (not just introductory rate).

"How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option"
A comprehensive booklet, published by the National Endowment For Financial Education.  Available free of charge from the
Consumer Information Center
Pueblo, CO  81009
(719) 9484000  - Ask for item #602-E
Booklet also available on internet site.

The National Adoption Center in Philadelphia
This organization has a program entitled "Adoption and The Workplace" which provides services and materials to employers desiring to address the work/life issues of emplyees who adopt. 
For a list of corporations who give grants for adoption- contact 
The National Adoption Center in Philadelphia
1500 Walnut Street, Suite 701
Philadelphia, PA  19102
(215) 735-9988
Fax: (215) 735-9410
Email address:
If your employer does not offer incentive programs for adoption, you can call (800) TO-ADOPT for materials on how to get this program started in your employment.

State Subsidy for Adoption
If you live in one of the following states you might be able to qualify for $2000 in financial assistance for your adoption.
The list of the states is as follows:  Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont.
Check out this site for more info:

State Subsidy for Special Needs Children
Some states provide a subsidy for special needs children.
The definition for "special needs" can be very broad.  For example, in South Carolina, adoptive parents are receiving a $1,500 subsidy for children simply because there is no information about the birth father.  Contact the State Department of Social Services where you reside.

United Way International
Provides assistance for costs of travel for children adopted with illness needing immediate medical attention.  Applications selectively considered and must be supported with a doctor's statement.
United Way International
Attn:  Melissa Guerra

Wide Smiles
Resources and information on adopting children with cleft lip/pallets.

Wings of Angels
Wings of Angels is a great volunteer group.  These volunteers will accompany a passenger on a plane trip, meet someone at the airport to help them with any needs possible (getting from plane to plane,  plane to hotel, etc.)  and they even can pick up your new adopted child and bring them home to you.  THEIR SERVICE IS COMPLETELY FREE!!!!  You do not have to pay the Volunteers tickets.  They are a 501(c)3 organization.  The only person you do have to pay for is your child's.  This can save lots of money in your adoption. 


  • Most banks give home equity loans for adoptions.
  • Some families ask family members to give donations.
  • Fund-raising activities like golf-tournaments, garage sales, etc. have been used to fund the adoptions.
  • Borrow from a 401K
  • Contact Airlines requesting a reduced rate for adoption
  • Check with hotels for adoption rates


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